UNIVERSAL JOBS GUARANTEE: 21st century full employment



In this episode:

What if government promised a job to anyone who needed one at any time? That’s the principle behind an idea gaining traction in the US: the universal jobs guarantee. Economic historian Lord Robert Skidelsky explains how governments have approached full employment in the past and why a jobs guarantee is now the best way to achieve it. Then US expert Pavlina Tcherneva talks about how the policy could work in practice.


And we talk to period poverty activist Amika George. Amika tells us about setting up the Free Periods campaign, how they achieved a shift in government policy, and where it goes next.


Pavlina Tcherneva (@ptcherneva), associate professor of economics at Bard College in New York

Lord Skidelsky (@RSkidelsky), emeritus professor of political economy at Warwick University and crossbench peer

Amika George (@AmikaGeorge), founder of the Free Periods campaign

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