SMELLS LIKE COMMUNITY SPIRIT: bridging the intergenerational divide



In this episode:

This week we talk to two inspiring organisations getting people involved in their communities to break down divides and tackle loneliness. We’re joined by Alex Smith from the Cares Family, a charity bringing young professionals together with older people, and Ivo Gormley from GoodGym, which encourages people to combine exercise with doing good. Then Emma and Joyce from Bristol tell us about the impact that GoodGym has had on them. 


Comedian Joe Bor wants to see a hairier Love Island, no drinking pressure, no more joke theft and financial incentives for getting fit


Ivo Gormley (@ivoivo), founder and CEO of GoodGym

Alex Smith (@alexsmith1982), founder and CEO of The Cares Family

Emma and Joyce, runner and coach with GoodGym in Bristol

Joe Bor (@josephbor), comedian

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The Cares Family

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