LIVE AT ABBEY ROAD: fixing music education



In this episode:

It’s the 100th episode of Reasons to be Cheerful! In this very special episode, recorded live at the world’s most famous recording studios at Abbey Road, we talk to a fantastic bunch of guests about the importance of music education and how to fix it. Deborah Annetts from the Incorporated Society of Musicians and music teacher Jimmy Rotherham discuss the crisis of music education in schools and how much better it could be. Then KT Tunstall, Giles Martin and Rebecca Lucy Taylor tell us about their experiences of education, working in the music industry, and what it’s like to record at Abbey Road. 

Special thanks to Abbey Road Studios and Universal Music UK for making the show happen.


Deborah Annetts (@DeborahAnnetts), chief executive of the Incorporated Society of Musicians

Jimmy Rotherham (@MusicEdu4all), music coordinator at Feversham Primary Academy, Bradford

KT Tunstall (@KTTunstall)

Rebecca Lucy Taylor from Self Esteem (@SELFESTEEM___)

Giles Martin (@mashupmartin), Head of Audio and Sound at Universal Music Group


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