FAKE IT ‘TIL YOU BREAK IT: challenging the spread of disinformation



In this episode:

From Russian bots to deep fakes, what threat does fake news actually pose and how can we stop it spreading? We hear from social psychologist Sander van der Linden about why we believe fake news and how “prebunking” can help us to spot it. Samantha Bradshaw explains how tech firm business models contribute to the problem. Then Vesa Häkkinen talks us through Finland’s anti-disinformation campaign, which includes using teddy bears to teach toddlers about the media.

AND Tom Noble AKA Roger Gammon is here to talk about the book we’ve all been waiting for: ‘Chaos with Ed Miliband’. His account of Ed’s last few years is uncannily accurate…


Sander van der Linden (@Sander_vdLinden), assistant professor of social psychology at the University of Cambridge

Vesa Häkkinen (@vesahakkinen), director of current affairs communications at Finland’s Ministry for Foreign Affairs

Samantha Bradshaw (@sbradshaww), researcher at the Oxford Internet Institute

Tom Noble (@_Noble), author of ‘Chaos with Ed Miliband’

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