EMPIRE STATE OF MIND: overhauling the history we teach



In this episode:

Has our failure to understand Britain’s history played a role in recent political events? This week, we discuss teaching about the British Empire in schools with Professor Gurminder Bhambra, expert in postcolonial studies, and Jason Todd, former history teacher and now lecturer in history education. They give us an overview of the British Empire, before explaining its current place in history lessons and how we could do much better.

And comedian John Kearns wants fines for people who don't vote, witness protection for all and plaques showing where rich people live.


Gurminder Bhambra (@GKBhambra), Professor of Postcolonial & Decolonial Studies at University of Sussex

Jason Todd (@JJtodd1966), Lecturer in History Education at University of Oxford

John Kearns (@johnsfurcoat), double Edinburgh award-winning comedian


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