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A podcast about ideas to fix the world

Our flagship podcast brings Ed Miliband and Geoff Lloyd together with smart thinkers and inspiring campaigners from around the world. From universal basic income to ParkRun, each week Ed and Geoff unearth bold ideas pointing to a better society.


Latest Episodes

What if government promised a job to anyone who needed one at any time? That’s the principle behind an idea gaining traction in the US: the universal jobs guarantee. Economic historian Lord Robert Skidelsky explains how governments have approached full employment in the past and why a jobs guarantee is now the best way to achieve it. Then US expert Pavlina Tcherneva talks about how the policy could work in practice. And we talk to period poverty activist Amika George. Amika tells us about setting up the Free Periods campaign, how they achieved a shift in government policy, and where it goes next.
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With 15% population taking 70% flights in the UK, is a frequent flyer tax the fairest way to tackle the contribution of aviation to the climate crisis? We talk to Professor Alice Larkin about the problem of aviation emissions and why technology isn’t coming to the rescue any time soon. Then Leo Murray makes the argument for a frequent flyer tax and explains how it would work in practice. And filmmakers Ken Loach and Paul Laverty talk about their latest collaboration on ‘I’m Sorry We Missed You’. They discuss the problems of the gig economy, their approach to filmmaking and why they remain optimists despite the issues their films depict.
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From Russian bots to deep fakes, what threat does fake news actually pose and how can we stop it spreading? We hear from social psychologist Sander van der Linden about why we believe fake news and how “prebunking” can help us to spot it. Samantha Bradshaw explains how tech firm business models contribute to the problem. Then Vesa Häkkinen talks us through Finland’s anti-disinformation campaign, which includes using teddy bears to teach toddlers about the media. AND Tom Noble AKA Roger Gammon is here to talk about the book we’ve all been waiting for: ‘Chaos with Ed Miliband’. His account of Ed’s last few years is uncannily accurate…
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