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Why so cheerful?

In a world of division, deception, climate crisis and splintered societies, Ed Miliband and Geoff Lloyd decided to take a brighter look at the world we live in, and find out what’s shaping our futures for the better.

Cheerful brings together people and ideas to create a space for the game-changing policies and movements from around the world which are tackling our most pressing issues, head-on.

On flagship podcast Reasons to be Cheerful, the pair talk to policy-makers, experts, campaigners, academics and thinkers who are shaping the policies and ideas to tackle the biggest problems facing the world today. From climate and ecological breakdown, to income and wealth inequality, social care, racial injustice, systemic bias and land reform. They break down the challenges we need to overcome and focus on the solutions already being tried and tested around the world.

Our Cheerful Book Club talks to bold thinkers and writers of the modern age about ideas to change the world for the better. Authors join Ed and Geoff to talk about their lives and inspiration behind great works of non-fiction.

Reasons to be Cheerful and Cheerful Book Club are independent podcasts supported by advertisers and sponsors. Ed Miliband does not receive payment for his participation on the podcasts.